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Iso Peepers Dehyrdrated Carp Eyeballs

Iso Peepers Dehyrdrated Carp Eyeballs

Iso Peepers
Dehydrated Carp Eyeballs
Iso Peepers is perhaps the most unique product on the market intended for Isopods and other exotic pets.
Testing over the years determined that Isopods typically went for the eyes of the fish first, leading to the concept for Iso Peepers.
Iso Peepers are higher in Omega 3 Fatty Acids then salmon. Free of heavy metals and mercury, no chemicals or preservatives are used in the human food grade processing of this product.
Harvested from freshwater carp here in the USA, making sure that no part of the fish goes to waste. Carp are an invasive species in American waterways and are rapidly taking over the eco-system of the waters they inhabit. Every bag of Iso Peepers helps to ensure that doesn’t happen!
Iso Peepers is packed by a company that provides vocational training for those with disabilities which we feel makes the product even cooler while supporting a great cause!
Product of the USA and packaged in the USA.
Each bag is a 2oz. resealable bag.
Feeding instructions: Feed desired amount of Iso Peepers based on colony and/or animal size. Mist to soften if desired.
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